In our studio, we work with virgin timber all sawed in-house that has aged over the centuries to produce wood that is rich in color with fine grains and beautiful patina. This is a superior wood with exquisite beauty that possesses both a rich history and a unique aesthetic. You cannot find the same quality and beauty in young wood.

Of special note is furniture made from historic beer tanks of old growth tidewater red cypress, white cedar, and redwood that was salvaged in 1985 from Ortlieb’s and Schmidt’s breweries. The history of this salvaged wood represents the importance of Philadelphia’s beer making history and its industrial past. A combination of historic wood and creative design produce a perfect medium for any space.

Handmade pieces are designed with the customer to make optimal use of the wood’s character and beauty. Customers can choose the species, grain, and color for their commissions.

Our products include beams and millwork; flooring and stair treads; furniture and cabinetry; tables, mantles, shelving, countertops, bartops; sculpture and turnings; and, moldings, doors, windows, paneling, and sills.