Located in Manayunk, our 80,000 square foot wood yard with an inventory of 150,000 board feet, is Philadelphia’s #1 sawmill exclusively offering sustainable lumber for restoration, renovation, custom woodworking, and new construction.

Since 1985 we have specialized in locally sourced trees and old growth, high quality, virgin wood reclaimed from 19th century Philadelphia buildings. The city trees that we source are seasoned the old fashioned way – one inch per year. Slow drying produces the highest quality wood that is not found elsewhere.

Knowledge and experience gained in working with reclaimed wood for over three decades helps us produce high quality lumber. Each unique piece of our antique lumber derives from 16th and 17th century trees, beautifully aged with outstanding patina and rich colors.

For 32 years, we have prided ourselves on our low carbon footprint. As a harvester of local wood, there is very little energy used in transporting the raw material to our Manayunk wood yard and turning these precious trees into lumber with minimal waste.

Steve Ebner